Simple, Efficient, Environmentally Friendly...

The Breezair unit is the most efficient, environmentally friendly and advanced evaporative cooler in the world today. The Breezair units are manufactured by Seeley International who invest over 2.5million euros every year on research and development and have won numerous awards for their environmental awareness and energy efficiency products including the recent prestigious Dupont award for innovation.

The Breezair unit is some 80% more efficient to operate than a standard air conditioning system and contains no ozone depleting refrigerant gasses. The system operates on 100% fresh air ,doors and windows are to be left open unlike a air conditioning system which recirculates air in the space, the Breezair system eliminates the recirculation of odours, bacteria and all airborne contaminants. A level of humidity is maintained in the air and is not dried out by the air conditioning process. The Breezair system supplies a continuous fresh cooled filtered air direct into the environment.

Kitchen Application

Industrial Application

Outdoor Cooling / Majlis

Vehicle Testing center

Automotive Workshop