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Product Features

Climate Wizard’s hyper-efficient benefits:

Improved IAQ (indoor air quality)with 100% outside air

100% outside air means better indoor air quality and reduced frequency in stand-alone applications. Climate Wizard can supply fresh air all the time and will far exceed the regulatory standards for outside air ventilation.

Reduced Running cost

Climate Wizard can save up to 80% less energy than an equivalent refrigerated system performing the same job.

No moisture added

Below the ambient wet bulb temperature, Climate Wizard coolers do not add any moisture to the air and cool the supply of air to several degrees below. They can be used in a wide range of geographical locations.

Total cooling performance increases when air temperature rises

To dramatically reduce energy usage by pre cooling outside air and provide outdoor cooling solutions, climate wizard can be used on its own with refrigerated systems.

Reduced electrical KW demand

The refrigerated cooling system increases when the summer cooling loads increase. Climate Wizard’s electrical demand remains stable even in hot weather, helping you control your electrical demand charges.

Ideal for use as a DOAD (Dedicated outdoor air system data center cooling, or for comfort cooling applications

Climate Wizard coolers cools the air to conditions suitable for data centers, including class A1 data centers, at ultra-low PUE’s (power usage efficiency)

Flexible design and engineering configurations

With refrigerated air conditioning plants, Climate Wizard is easy to fit into existing buildings and brand-new projects in a variety of layouts.

Saving on installation costs

Climate Wizard’s price is very budget-friendly, and the cost of installing it on a new building can be up to 30% cheaper in some countries.

Wiser use of water(R-718)

Climate visit is the best technology available to fully take advantage of eco-friendly R—718. It produces high-quality cooling at high electrical orders.

No synthetic refrigerants or chemicals to harm the environment

Climate Wizard uses water slenderly, so it does not require a large amount of water to operate.
A simple, reliable solution to improve COP/EER (coefficient of performance/energy efficiency ratio) and to meet various regulatory requirements.
Seeley International is Australia’s largest manufacturer of cooling and heating solutions and is leading in developing energy-efficient technologies. It conducts tests for all energy-efficient products.

NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory

Seeley \International is Australia’s only air conditioning, heating, and manufacturing company with a NATA-accredited test laboratory.