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Living in the UAE means dealing with extreme heat and humidity, particularly during the summer months. Traditional A/C systems often struggle to cope with these harsh conditions leading to high energy consumption and increased costs of cooling solutions tailored to a diverse range of applications.

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Clima Gulf Trading, is one of the best HVAC companies in Dubai since 2011, we have established success in the market, which is evident through the UAE’s Wide range of installation in various application areas with BREEZAIR and CLIMATE WIZARD range of products

ClimaGulf Trading's expertise lies in offering comprehensive industrial evaporative air coolers. We have managed to build an extensive portfolio of clientele with a diverse range of applications. Most of these solutions cater to manufacturing industries, large warehouses, outdoor environments, and commercial kitchens, among other applications, showcasing a versatile approach to addressing various cooling needs. All under one roof, ClimaGulf provides perfect solutions utilizing direct, indirect, and dual-stage cooling systems as per your requirements.

We aim to pioneer among air conditioning companies in Dubai sustainability and energy-saving

Main Applications

We provide a wide array of cooling solutions for intense climate challenges with our comprehensive cooling technologies. This includes installations in commercial kitchens, expansive industrial areas, large warehouses, open spaces, and vehicle testing centers, among various other applications, all at a reasonable budget.

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Industrial Air Cooling

Breezair Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler is a paradigm of eco-friendly climate control designed to address the unique...

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Commercial Kitchens

Breezair offers a smart solution to tackle the extreme temperatures in commercial kitchens with its commercial kitchen...

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Outdoor Cooling

Breezair emerges as a beacon of innovation providing specialized cooling solutions that makes outdoor living in the...

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Vehicle Testing Centers

In UAE, working in automotive workshops without air conditioning can be extremely challenging, while those with traditional...

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Breezair not only promises substantial energy cost reductions but also redefines operational efficiency in air-conditioned warehouse environments...

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Zoos and Farms

Breezair offers an innovative cooling solution tailored to meet the unique needs of zoos and agricultural settings,...

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Client's Feedback

Testimonial 1
Mr. Peruma Reddy

Installing the Breezair systems is a reflection of our commitment to keep up with modern technology that would improve the working conditions for the work force, as part of our overall program covering the welfare of workers. In fact, productivity has improved tremendously since the installation of Breezair systems as they have created a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Testimonial 2
Mr. Naushad

The cooling system was recently replaced with Breezair evaporative air cooling, and this has greatly improved the conditions for staff working in the kitchen. The Breezair system has proven to be a cost effective solution to the excessive heat in the kitchen with the additional advantage that it helps removes odors and ingress of airborne particles. In line with our corporate social responsibilities, we are happy to find an adequate cooling system that will crucially provide comfort to our workers throughout the year.

Testimonial 3
Mr. Saif Belhasa

Earlier, our staff had to work in uncomfortable conditions due to the non-availability of suitable cooling systems that could bring down the temperature in our vehicle testing centers that are partly open. As a company that is committed to the well-being of its workers, we have now found a world-class evaporative air conditioning technology in Breezair that has improved the working conditions at our testing centers. Our staff, who previously had to face the hot winds due to the open nature of the testing centers are now able to work in comfort due to a lower temperature that gives a shower effect created by the Breezair system.

Case Studies

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Ceramics Factory

RAK Ceramics

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Food packaging supply and material

Huhtamaki Dubai & Ras al Khaimah UAE

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1. How does a Breezair Evaporative Air Conditioner work?

It uses the natural principle of cooling by evaporation. Wet your finger and hold it in the air and it becomes cool; that is because evaporation is occurring; it is a natural phenomenon. In the Evaporative Air Conditioner, a pump circulates water through a set of cooling pads through which air is forced by a motor-driven fan. The hot outside air passing through the pads evaporates the water in the wetted pads at a very high rate. This cools the air which is then pumped into your building.

Because the air being pumped in collects heat and moisture and impurities from inside the building and it must therefore be exhausted. The Evaporative Air Conditioner does NOT recirculate the inside air, and if you close the building the effectiveness of the machine will be greatly diminished and you will become very uncomfortable.

In most cases, it does slightly. But remember that the temperature has also dropped. It is the combination of temperature and humidity that creates human comfort, and Evaporative Air Conditioners are used so widely around the world because they can create comfortable conditions. For example, 80% humidity and 30 C is very uncomfortable, but 80% humidity and 16 C is quite comfortable. Furthermore, comfort is also improved by increasing air velocity in hot conditions and Evaporative Air Conditioners create sufficient air movement to also minimise the effects of humidity.