Breezair Improves the Comfort Level & Productivity of RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics, headquartered in UAE, with approx. 12,000 staff, is one of the world’s largest Ceramic Manufacturers for Ceramic and Gres Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles, Sanitaryware, Tableware and Faucets.

With 22 Plants across UAE, India, Bangladesh, Iran, and China, the Company has a global production capacity of 123 million square meters of tiles, 5 million pieces of sanitaryware, 24 million pieces of porcelain tableware, and 1 million pieces of faucets per year.

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Ceramics Factory
Ras al Khaimah
Breezair, 200 x Breezair

The Project Requirements:

RAK Ceramics needed a respite from heat and dust for their workers inside the Production plant and to improve the Comfort level in the Production area.

The Challenge:

In RAK Ceramics Tiles plants, they have used various types of fans, roof exhaust, blowers, and even some portable cooling systems to cool down their production area. However, it all ended up as temporary relief measures and not lasting solutions for relief.

The Solution:

Fresh Cool Air for Spot Cooling with Breezair was first implemented in their Sanitaryware Plants in the Year 2011

Client’s Says:

“Our experience was that it greatly improved the productivity of workers. Breezair gives cool air in peak summer with almost negligible power. it is also 100% Fresh Air so very healthy air for people to breathe. Today our various divisions are using Breezair for not only cooling but also for some humidification processes in casting areas and up to tile printing lines being cooled.”

Mr. Basavaraj Patil
CTO, RAK Ceramics