nited Arab Emirates, where summer temperatures soar to a scorching 45 degrees Celsius, the quest for efficient, sustainable cooling solutions is more critical than ever. Breezair Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler is a paradigm of eco-friendly climate control designed to address the unique challenges of industrial environments.

Sustainable Cooling in Extreme Heat

Breezair stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering a sustainable cooling solution that not only confronts the extreme UAE heat head-on but also significantly lowers temperatures by more than 15 degrees Celsius. This remarkable capability ensures that even during the peak of summer, industrial spaces remain comfortably cool.

The Merits of Spot Cooling Solutions

One of the key advantages of the Breezair system is its precision in spot cooling. Traditional cooling methods often attempt to lower the temperature of vast spaces uniformly, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary energy expenditure. Breezair, however, focuses on cooling specific areas and spots within large complexes. This targeted approach provides cold air exactly where it’s needed, ensuring operational efficiency, and reducing both capital and operational costs.

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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Beyond its cooling prowess, Breezair significantly improves indoor air quality. The system utilizes 100% fresh ambient air, which is especially beneficial in industrial settings where localized higher temperatures and production-related toxic fumes can compromise air quality, despite the use of roof extract fans. These conditions can have a detrimental effect on comfort and health, making Breezair’s clean air solution a vital component of workplace safety and comfort.

Boosting Productivity with Energy-Efficient Cooling

Breezair’s commitment to powerful and energy-efficient evaporative cooling solutions makes it an ideal choice for large-scale industrial spaces. By effectively reducing temperatures and maintaining a comfortable working environment, Breezair units contribute to increased productivity and operational efficiency in industries. The cooler and cleaner air results in fewer heat-related distractions and health issues, enabling workers to maintain focus and perform at their best.

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Advanced Technology Products for Large Industrial Spaces

Breezair and Climate Wizard stand at the forefront of innovative cooling technologies tailored for the industrial sector, offering a suite of products designed to meet the rigorous demands of diverse environments. Breezair excels in direct air cooling, providing an efficient and eco-friendly solution that harnesses the natural process of evaporation to cool vast spaces while ensuring optimal air quality and comfort. This technology is particularly suited for maintaining a cool and productive atmosphere in manufacturing plants, and other large-scale facilities, where traditional cooling methods may fall short in terms of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

On the other hand, Climate Wizard introduces a revolutionary approach with its indirect and dual-stage cooling technologies. These systems are engineered to deliver exceptional cooling performance without introducing additional humidity into the environment, making them ideal for applications where precise humidity control is crucial. The indirect cooling method pre-cools air before it enters space, significantly reducing energy consumption and operational costs. For environments requiring even more advanced cooling solutions, the dual-stage technology combines indirect cooling with a secondary cooling stage, further enhancing the system’s efficiency and cooling capacity. Together, Breezair and Climate Wizard redefine industrial cooling, offering powerful, energy-efficient solutions that cater to the unique needs of the industrial sector, ensuring a cooler, more comfortable working environment that can drive productivity and sustainability in any operation.


Breezair’s Industrial Ducted Evaporative Air Cooler represents a significant leap forward in industrial cooling technology. Its ability to provide sustainable, efficient, and targeted cooling in some of the most challenging environments is unparalleled. By improving indoor air quality, ensuring comfort for the workforce, and enhancing operational efficiency, Breezair sets a new standard for industrial air-cooling solutions in the UAE and beyond. As industries continue to seek ways to combat extreme heat without sacrificing sustainability or productivity, Breezair emerges as the solution of choice, proving that even in the face of soaring temperatures, innovation can keep us cool.