Cooling Solutions for Automotive Workshops and Vehicle Testing Centers in the UAE Heat


n the UAE’s intense summer heat, automotive workshops without air conditioning can be extremely challenging environments to work in, while those with traditional air conditioning face high electricity costs and operational expenses. Breezair offers a sophisticated yet energy-efficient cooling system, ideal for both situations. For workshops lacking air conditioning, Breezair’s technology provides targeted cooling in key areas, significantly improving work conditions by directing cool air towards employees. This approach not only reduces the heat but also minimizes dust, creating a cleaner and more comfortable working environment.

In workshops that are already air-conditioned, Breezair’s system acts as a supplementary cooler, cutting down on peak energy consumption and slightly lowering the ambient temperature. This adjustment leads to enhanced working conditions and noticeable energy savings. Breezair is renowned for its energy efficiency and low maintenance costs, making it an excellent climate control solution for air-conditioned workshops

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Why is Breezair the Go-To for Cooling in Automotive Workshops and Vehicle Testing Centers?

Tailored for the UAE’s climatic conditions, Breezair’s cooling solutions are designed to be highly effective. The units are built with durable, high-grade materials that resist UV damage and corrosion for up to 25 years. They also feature advanced water management systems that prevent bacteria growth and innovative designs that ensure no moisture is carried into the air stream. Breezair units are celebrated for their consistent cooling performance, having been the choice in challenging environments like factories, automotive workshops, and vehicle testing centers throughout the UAE for more than a decade.


The semi-open nature of these centers can make them oppressively hot and uncomfortable for workers.

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Breezair’s Solution:

Specifically targeted cooling applications provide immediate relief from the heat for inspectors, offering localized cooling solutions.


Employees benefit from a significantly cooler environment, with consistently supplied cool and fresh air, maintaining temperatures in a more comfortable range of 30-35 degrees Celsius.