I n the challenging climate of the UAE, where summer temperatures soar to extreme levels, ensuring the well-being of animals in zoos and farms, as well as the comfort of the staff, presents a considerable challenge. The intense heat can significantly impact the health and behavior of caged animals and birds, while also affecting the operational efficiency of the caregivers and operational staff. Breezair offers an innovative cooling solution tailored to meet the unique needs of zoos and agricultural settings, equipped with multiple benefits to address these challenges effectively.

evaporative cooling in animals

Key Benefits of Breezair Cooling Systems:

Odor Reduction: One of the significant advantages of Breezair’s cooling solutions is their ability
to reduce smells and odors in animal enclosures. The fresh air circulated by the system helps dilute and remove odor-causing
particles, creating a more pleasant environment for both the animals and the staff.

Fresh Air Supply: Breezair systems ensure a constant supply of fresh, cool air, replacing stale and hot air
that can accumulate in enclosed spaces. This continuous exchange of air contributes to a healthier environment,
reducing the risk of respiratory issues among animals and staff.

Energy Efficiency: Designed with sustainability in mind, Breezair’s cooling technology is highly energy-efficient.
It provides a significant cooling effect without the high energy consumption associated with traditional air conditioning systems, ensuring that zoos and farms
can maintain comfortable temperatures without facing a financial burden

outdoor cooling system
farm cooling system

Spot Cooling Application: The system employs spot cooling technology,
designed to target specific areas where animals and staff spend most of their time.
This focused approach ensures that cooling is directed precisely where it’s needed,
enhancing the living and working conditions in zoos and farms.

Uniformly Supplied Cool and Fresh Air: By implementing Breezair’s cooling solutions,
facilities can achieve a significant reduction in ambient temperature, maintaining a more consistent and comfortable range of 30-35 degrees Celsius. The result is a uniformly cooler environment that benefits both animals and humans, improving their quality of life and operational efficiency.

farm cooling system

Incorporating Breezair’s cooling technology into zoos and farms addresses the multifaceted challenges posed by the UAE’s hot climate. By reducing odors, supplying fresh air, ensuring energy efficiency, and providing targeted cooling, Breezair enhances the welfare of animals and the comfort of staff, contributing to a more humane and productive environment where the adverse effects of extreme temperatures are mitigated effectively.