Product Details

General Specification


The cabinet is constructed from marine grade aluminium incorporating channel section corner pillars, mounted on a heavy gauge base frame for structural stability. Many components have been powder-coated for extra corrosion protection. Cabinet fasteners are Stainless steel, Monel, Nylon and Aluminium.

Blower Wheel:

The Blower wheel is a double inlet, multi-blade, forward curved, centrifugal type. Constructed from galvanized steel, the wheel is statically balanced. The blower shaft is mounted in plumber blocks with, self-aligning, single-row ball bearings.

Water Reservoir:

The water reservoir is a one-piece Rotational Moulding of Polyethylene, providing a thick-walled, corrosion-free component with excellent sound-deadening properties.

Fan Motors:

Three phase motors are TEFC tropic proof, Aluminium frame, IP55 enclosures to AS 1359. Motor amperes can vary depending on the supplier.

Electrical Control:

The Three Phase Starter Assembly is prewired within the cooler and incorporates a dual contactor assembly for control of high and low speeds. Current overloads are fitted to both high and low-speed contactors. The enclosure is hose-proof to IP55 and incorporates an isolation switch. The wall control switch supplied incorporates the pump, fan, and speed variation mechanisms

Water Connection:

Water supply connection is 1/2” BSP, this connects directly to a 1/2” NB standard-approved ball valve.

Cooling Pads:

Cooling pads are Chillcell™ with a minimum operating saturation efficiency of 80%. The cooling pads are housed in UV-stabilized polypropylene pad frames, structurally very strong and guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years.

Cooler Rating:

Coolers are factory set to run, “free discharge” at the motor rated current, unless operating conditions are specified.

Motor Ratings, Pulley and Belt sizes are nominal, and may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances. Larger & smaller motor pulleys and belts available on request.

Special Features:

Bleed off adjustment provided via external valve located at the corner pillar. A main power isolation switch is provided.